In this fast changing era, academic institutions play a vital role in ensuring the readiness and resilience of young generations, and providing them with the tools needed to thrive in such an environment.
AZUNI collaborates with the university of Geneva in the context of its digital transformation, by representing the voice of the student population, and of youth at large.

Here at AZUNI we strongly believe in the importance of multistakehokder engagement; collaboration with local and national NGOs is an important element in our strategy. ICON NGO is an important player working on humanizing the digital real and increasing digital trust.

An inclusive and human-centered digitalization is at the core of AZUNI’s values. Issues of human rights are a primal element of the conversation around the Fourth Industrial Revolution. For this reason, AZUNI collaborates with the “Semaine des Droits Humains”, a Geneva-wide yearly initiative aiming at discussing and exploring different aspects around human rights.

AZUNI collaborates with the CAUX Forum for Ethical Leadership in business. Indeed, multistakeholder engagement must include interaction with businesses, which are key players of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and AZUNI strongly believes in the importance of businesses being included in youth policy conversations.
We bring the voice of the youth to this high level forum, with a particular focus on youth education and lifelong learning as key aspects of a resilient digital society.

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